IIIF Discovery for Humans Community Group


Discovery of IIIF-compliant resources by human end users remains a goal and will be an essential element of IIIF; interoperable objects are of no use if one cannot find them, particularly if relevant objects reside in servers in many different institutions. Discovery in this case means human searching, browsing and finding of IIIF resources across institutions, traditional subject domains, and genres.

To be successful, IIIF discovery must be user-focused and meet defined users’ concrete needs. This group aims to go beyond specification work to promote implementations that enroll experts in research, content, user experience, metadata, and various technologies. In order to advance discovery in the LAM space, this group will foster user-focused approaches enabling the targeted discovery, spanning institutional and domain silos, of IIIF resources.

These aims are different from and complementary to the approach of the IIIF Discovery TSG, which is chiefly concerned about providing the technical means for locating and finding updates about IIIF resources, as a prerequisite for harvesting and indexing metadata for searching within and across these institutional collections.


  • Gather problem statements and use cases to understand needs for user-focused discovery of IIIF resources and to define criteria for success
  • Develop specifications for metadata attributes and crosswalks to enable discovery of LAM IIIF content across institutions and domains
  • Create and maintain a list of metadata profiles in use by IIIF-supporting institutions to promote consistency in semantic description and its consumption
  • Frame small-scale experiments that work towards live discovery implementations
  • Provide a venue for demonstrations of applicable discovery applications and technologies
  • Maintain a registry of existing discovery efforts
  • Build on and amplify the ongoing work of the Discovery TSG and the IIIF technical community
  • Communicate and disseminate the work of the group to the larger IIIF community, as well as allied professional communities



  • Arcadia Falcone, Stanford (D4H Staff)
  • Paola Manoni, Vatican Library
  • Jeff Mixter, OCLC
  • Ben Bakelaar, St. Louis University / Rutgers University
  • Stacey Redick, Folger Shakespeare Library

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