IIIF Conference Guidelines

IIIF Annual Conference

Guidance for hosting an event

The IIIF community runs an annual conference every year in Spring, alternating between the North America and Europe. The 2019 conference is due to be held in Europe. For a list of previous events please see the following:


The conference generally adheres to the following structure but may evolve during the planning of the event:

  • Outreach/Showcase event
    • Between 200 to 300 people and is used to give people an introduction to IIIF and show the latest developments
  • Day 1 - Workshops (~140 people)
    • Open to the main conference participants and can range from introductions to more focused workshop sessions. Sessions are for between 30 to 40 people although some viewer workshops might work better as a focused set of presentations in a larger room.
  • Exec/Operating committee meeting
    • A meeting room for 20-30 with A/V at a time concurrent to the workshops
    • Committee meetings last between 3 to 4 hours.
  • Day 2 - Plenary Session (~250 people)
    • Starts with an update on the community, specifications and working groups.
    • Ends with lighting talks
  • Day 3 and possibly Day 4 - parallel tracks (~250 people, parallel tracks)
    • Generally three parallel tracks
    • Ideally rooms would be close together to allow people to move between sessions
    • Finishes with a plenary sessions.

The IIIF community welcomes and encourages consortium bids from a range of cultural heritage and academic institutions.

Ticket price and Sponsorship

The IIIF Consortium looks to cover the cost of running the conference through ticket sales to the main conference and through sponsorship. The Showcase event is usually free. In future conferences the IIIF community is looking to offer diversity scholarships to allow a more diverse range of people to attend.

Previously the conference has acknowledged sponsors during the conference but it would be interesting to explore spaces where sponsors could exhibit their systems and solutions.

A/V and Wifi support

The conference is a technical conference where presenters like to demo systems live. With the recent support for video using the IIIF standard, increasingly presentations are using videos. This requires the following setup for showcase and conference presentations:

  • Wired ethernet connection for the presenter
  • Provided laptop at the front of the room
  • Projector with a large screen
  • Support for presenters to use their own laptops
  • Large rooms will require handheld microphones for attendees to ask presenters questions

Speakers to transmit audio will also be required for the showcase and plenary sessions and by arrangement for some parallel sessions.

The Showcase is video recorded including the speaker and slides. The video files should be provided for ready upload to the IIIF YouTube stream.

Wifi will be required through the conference and for all sessions for use by the conference participants. Participants requires external access to ports including SSH (22), VPN and basic web access.

Local planning contacts

Institutions providing spaces for the conference must provide a single point of contact to coordinate the arrangements for the conference. Ideally this person would also serve on the conference planning committee. It is likely the conference will be organised by IIIF Staff who aren’t located in the vicinity of the event and may not be able to visit the facilities before the conference.


In previous conferences the conference has offered one or two receptions. In Washington there was a reception after the showcase and also after the first day of the conference. In future conferences we would prefer to offer one reception as part of the main conference but would be interested to explore low cost options for the showcase.


Breaks during the conference should be catered with drinks including coffee, tea and some soft drinks. We usually break twice during the day and prefer that everyone comes together for these sessions in one place. Traditionally lunch for the IIIF events isn’t supplied and a list of locations to get lunch is given to attendees. This might be something we change in future events depending on the effect it has for the ticket price.

Travel and Accommodation

The IIIF conference attracts a range of participants from Europe, North America, Asia and other areas. It is important that the venue for the conference is close and accessible by an international airport. Travel around the conference venues should also be easy through public transport or by walking.

Accommodation at a reasonable price is important and accommodation close to the conference venue is beneficial. Successful bidders will be asked to supply a list of suitable hotels. The conference hasn’t previously block booked rooms.