Name of Recipe

Use Case

Describe the use case that the pattern is intended to solve. Why is this pattern important?

Implementation Notes

What do you need to know to use this pattern? How do you implement the pattern?


When is this pattern is usable / not usable? Is it deprecated? If it uses multiple specifications, which versions are needed, etc.?

Delete this section if it is not needed. If you don’t know what the restrictions might be initially, just leave the following line: Unknown - Help Needed


Describe the solution in prose and provide an example. The example json document must be an external document, and imported with the following:

JSON-LD | View in Universal Viewer | View in Mirador | View in Tify | View in IIIF Curation Viewer

The direct link to the fixture is a useful convenience.

Provide a bulleted list of related recipes and why they are relevant.