IIIF Community

The IIIF community has many facets, from Community and Technical Specification Groups to Editors, committees, and more. All our work is guided by our Code of Conduct.

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There are lots of ways to get involved with IIIF, and not all require coding skills! The IIIF community has many facets focusing on international outreach, affinity groups, developing the APIs, and more.

Community and Technical Specification Groups

IIIF Groups meet regularly to discuss various contexts of IIIF usage for a particular idea or initiative from technical and non-technical perspectives. View a full list of active and completed croups along with their charters, chairs, and meeting times on the Groups page.

All our work is guided by our Code of Conduct.

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This calendar provides a bird’s eye view of all the IIIF group calls, which take place regularly via Zoom. See something you’re interested in here, or in the list of groups? Add it to your own calendar and join!

To load this calendar into external applications like Outlook or Mac Calendar please download the calendar in this ical format.

Communication channels


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IIIF Slack

Join the IIIF Slack team for group and topic-based conversations, questions, and more.

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Other community channels

IIIF Zenodo Community

A community portal and repository for gathering articles and data related to the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).

Community tools list

From tools for annotation to tools for building exhibits, see the best of what’s available to you and benefit from the work of others on the IIIF-Awesome list. (External link)

IIIF Github organization

A set of repositories used by the IIIF Community to transparently track specification work, as well as to identify, track, and resolve issues as they arise.

Editorial Committee

The IIIF Editorial Committee meets regularly and works in collaboration with Community and Technical Specification Groups to propose new technical specifications and to update existing ones. Learn about their work and current membership on the Editors page.

Coordinating Committee (CoCo)

The IIIF Coordinating Committee (known as “CoCo”) ensures that the IIIF community continues to move forward in a sustainable, community-driven, coordinated way. CoCo is composed of both IIIF-C members and non-members to represent constituents throughout the community, and advises on many IIIF activities including policies, new group formation, and the overall health of community groups.

IIIF Ambassadors

IIIF Ambassadors are deputized to work with Consortium staff to take a formal role in championing IIIF adoption in their communities. Ambassadors focus their efforts around different domains, associations, tools, or regions. Learn more about program and the current Ambassadors.

IIIF Consortium

IIIF is supported by a membership consortium, with members from all over the world including Stanford University, Europeana, Kansai University, and many more. In addition to supporting the IIIF community financially, these institutions contribute to the APIs, Community Groups, and more.