Acknowledge Content Contributors

Use Case

You have a IIIF resource for which you would like to include information about one or more organizations or people that contributed to providing the content of the resource. You want to include a rich set of information for each contributor so clients can make visible this information in a similarly robust way. The provider property allows you an extensible way to acknowledge contributions with as little as a label and as much as a label, homepage, a logo, and a seeAlso machine-readable description for the contributor.

Implementation Notes

So that a client can display one or more content contributors for a resource, the provider property conveys information in the form of an Agent resource. This resource must contain, at a minimum:

  • id, an authoritative and unique URI for the contributor,
  • type, always the string “Agent”, and
  • label, a human-readable name for the contributor.

In addition, provider is structured data, can contain multiple Agents, and can contain information about assets other than plain text, distinguishing it from requiredStatement.

To make the information more usable and interconnected for a reader, provider as an Agent is strongly recommended to have both homepage and logo properties. These will allow a reader to go to the contributor’s website and find more. Note that the id for the Agent may, but does not have to be, the same as the id for the homepage.


None known.


In this example, we reuse the front page of a kabuki playbill that was contributed to the IIIF Cookbook by UCLA Library Digital Collections. The id for them as an Agent is the US Library of Congress authority ID for the UCLA Library, the homepage is their actual homepage, the logo is also for the library as a whole, and the seeAlso is the US Library of Congress MADS/XML. In your use of this property, you might want to and be able to unify the information in the property differently.

Only Mirador implements provider, and only partially. The property must be on the Manifest level, Mirador will only display the text from a label under provider, and the information will only be found in the list of manifests.

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