Change Log for Version 1.1

The following changes have been made to the IIIF Image API Specification, version 1.1.

Section 2

  • Base URI defined. Section 2.2 recommends that this URI returns the image information or redirects to the image information request URI when dereferenced.
  • Clarified definition of the prefix segment of the base URI.

Section 5

  • Added @id and @context properties to make image information JSON-LD compatible. The addition of the base URI in the @id property should make it easier for clients to get around XSS/SOP issues when working with IIIF image servers in different domains.
  • Image information in XML (http[s]://server/[prefix/]identifier/info.xml) and related schemas have been removed.
  • Clarified the definition of scale_factors.

Section 6.2

  • Removed Error condition XML response. It is recommended that the response body contain human-readable information for development and debugging purposes.
  • Re-defined when a 414 error code should be returned. Implementations may add non-normative features that require query parameters, so the previous explanation was not accurate.

Section 8

  • JPEG 2000 format is no longer required for Level 2 compliance.

Additional Changes

  • Other minor informative clarifications and non-normative corrections were made throughout.