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1. Introduction

This is one of a number of IIIF registries. It lists a set of Web Annotation motivations that have been identified as useful for implementations, for the Presentation and Search APIs. They may be defined by the IIIF community, or outside of it.

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1.1. Disclaimer

The inclusion of entries in this document that are outside of the IIIF domain must not be interpreted as endorsement, support, or approval from the editors, the IIIF community or any individual. This annex is provided as a registry to advertise the existence of these extensions and attempt to ensure some consistency between implementations for common but not universal requirements.

1.2. Inclusion Process

The process for having a new entry added to this registry is described here.

2. Requirements for Inclusion

3. Registry

This table summarizes the motivations available for use within the current versions of the suite of IIIF specifications. There may be other motivations available for use with older versions of the specification.

Motivation Reference
painting Presentation API: Values for Motivation
supplementing Presentation API: Values for Motivation
contextualizing Content Search API: Search Term Context
contentState Content State API: Form of Annotation

Additional motivations are available from the W3 Web Annotation motivations. This table includes W3 motivations that are common or recommended for use in IIIF.

Motivation Reference
highlighting Content Search API: Search Term Highlighting
commenting Recipe: Simplest Annotation
tagging Recipe: Simple Annotation - Tagging


A. Acknowledgements

Thanks to the members of the IIIF for their continuous engagement, innovative ideas and feedback.

B. Change Log

Date Description
2022-11-15 Add links to Content Search motivations
2022-05-26 Add known motivations, plus new contextualizing motivation
2020-06-03 New Version 3 Registries