Memorandum of Understanding covering the establishment of the IIIF Consortium - Exhibit B

16 June 2015

Current Membership and Institutional Affiliations of the Coordinating and Editorial Committees

Coordinating Committee

This group orchestrates and conducts the week-to-week work of IIIFC. Its membership will adapt as IIIF continues to evolve. Current members are those who have been regular and active participants in the IIIF community calls and face-to-face meetings.

  • Ben Albritton, Stanford University
  • Michael Appleby, Yale University
  • Markus Brantl, Bavarian State Library
  • Svein Arne Brygfjeld, National Library of Norway
  • Anders Conrad, National Library of Denmark
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford University
  • Tom Crane, Digirati
  • Christy Henshaw, Wellcome Library
  • Neil Jefferies, Oxford University
  • Sean Martin, independent consultant
  • Roger Mathisen, National Library of Norway
  • Matthew McGrattan, Oxford University
  • Ben O’Steen, British Library
  • Glen Robson, National Library of Wales
  • Petter Ronningsen, National Library of Norway
  • Robert Sanderson, Stanford University
  • Stu Snydman, Stanford University
  • Jon Stroop, Princeton University
  • Romain Vassilieff, French National Library (BNF)
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University
  • Bill Ying, Artstor

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee creates and maintains the IIIF technical specifications, and helps to identify and promulgate best practices and patterns of interoperability, based on use cases, community input and Web standards. It is a self-organizing committee, with members invited by current members and approved by the Executive Group.

  • Michael Appleby, Yale University
  • Tom Crane, Digirati
  • Robert Sanderson, Stanford University
  • Jon Stroop, Princeton University
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University