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Create possibilities with IIIF basics

Even the simplest implementations provide front and back end flexibility alongside features that allow researchers to engage meaningfully with many types of digitized resources.

Unite objects to enhance collections

Make your collections more open and useable: expose your IIIF Manifest files to allow users to unite resources from across collections and create exhibitions, specialized research spaces, and more.

Contextualize with annotations

Wheather you’re interested in annotations for research or storytelling, IIIF annotations allow you to add context to single or grouped resources using the W3 Web Annotation Data Model standard.

Go beyond research

IIIF’s flexibility extends beyond research environments. Take a look at some of the most creative IIIF implementations developed for fun and innovation.

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Whether you’re a developer, researcher, librarian, collection manager, or someone else, your work with digital collections can benefit from IIIF technology and tools.

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