Lunch locations - Wednesday May 23rd

As part of the 2018 IIIF Washington Conference are organising Lunch discussions and on Wednesday we have organised the following:

  • Museums – lead by Tina Shaw in the Folger Park
  • Audio/Visual – lead by Jon Dunn in the Folger Elizabethan Garden
  • 3d - lead by Ed Silverton on the Folger lawn, facing East Capitol

The idea is that the lunch leaders will gather in a spot and participants will get some lunch from a nearby location and join them for a discussion. It will be a great chance to meet others with similar interests and also start making contacts within the IIIF community. If you would be interested in leading or us organising a lunch discussion on a different topic to the ones listed please get in touch with A map of the locations are below.

Location of nearby lunch locations can be seen at Folgerpedia page

Lunch Leader locations