Image Servers

Interested in hosting your own IIIF resources? Check out some of the most popular IIIF-compatible servers, or review a growing list of community selections on the Awesome IIIF list. You can also make an existing image server IIIF-compatible.


An open-source dynamic image server for on-demand generation of derivatives of high-resolution source images, written in Java.

IIPImage Server

A high-performance image server for web-based streamed viewing and zooming of high-resolution images, written in C++.


A IIIF Image API 2.1 server as an AWS Serverless Application.


A IIIF image server written in Python.

Make a existing image server IIIF compatible

Many existing image servers can also be made compatible with serving images into the IIIF ecosystem with a simple “shim”.


A Ruby gem designed to help you build shims for the IIIF Presentation API. Built by Jack Reed.


A Flask extension to support IIIF in Python/Flask applications. Built by 16 contributors.