Gain richer access to the world's image and audio/visual files

IIIF is a set of open standards for delivering high-quality, attributed digital objects online at scale. It’s also an international community developing and implementing the IIIF APIs. IIIF is backed by a consortium of leading cultural institutions.

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Break down silos with open APIs

Many of the images and audio/visual resources that are fundamental to research exist in silos, with access restricted to locally-built applications. IIIF gives you and your audience freedom to work across barriers.

Simplify and enhance your work

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Great for researchers

Examine, compare, annotate, and share. IIIF enables easy use across repositories, with tools to aid research and presentation.

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Efficient for developers

Publish once, reuse often. IIIF serves high-quality digital objects to your own site and others in many formats, without vendor lock-in.

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Practical for leaders

Share your collections as widely as possible. IIIF is a cost-effective way to serve billions of digital objects with open-source, community-driven ethics.


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The six IIIF APIs fit together to deliver endless possibilities.

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Image API

Retrieves images from anywhere in the world and allows the user to select an area of the image and to resize, rotate, and edit the quality.

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Presentation API

Packages each image with its metadata so users know the origin, title of the image, and even what page of a book the image was from.

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Authorization Flow API

Control and restrict access by creating a link to a user interface for logging in and services that provide credentials.

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Content Search API

Perform search for text within or annotations related to digital objects.

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Change Discovery API

Harvest any changes published by organizations that deliver digital objects.

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Content State API

Generate a very specific link to a particular view of an object, like a specific area on a particular page rotated at a certain angle.

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IIIF community groups tackle a range of topics, from implementing IIIF for specific communities to crafting new technical specifications.

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Funded by global technology leaders

IIIF is funded by a 65-member global consortium, and leveraged by aggregators, research institutions, national libraries, archives, museums, software companies, and digital agencies around the world. Consortium members include:

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Latest news

Making IIIF Official at the Internet Archive

    |   A joint blog post between the Internet Archive and the IIIF Community

After 8 years hosting an experimental IIIF service for public benefit,the Internet Archive is moving forward with important steps to make its International Image Interoperability Framework service official.

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Authorization Flow 2.0 Published

    |   IIIF-C Staff

The IIIF Authorization Flow Technical Specification Group and the IIIF Editorial Committee are pleased to announce the official publication of the 2.0 version of the Authorization Flow API specification after a unanimous vote of approval from the Technical Review Committee.

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