IIIF Conference Call Meeting Minutes, 9 July 2014

  Jon Stroop    |      July 09, 2014


  1. Introductions [5-10 minutes]
  2. Logistics [5-10 minutes]
  3. Image API 2.0 Changes [As needed]
  4. Presentation API 2.0 Changes [As needed, if time allows]


Introductions / Attendees

  • Ben Albritton (Stanford)
  • Mike Appleby (Yale)
  • Kevin Clarke (UCLA)
  • Shaun Ellis (Princeton)
  • Sean Martin (Freelance?)
  • Matt McGrattan (Oxford)
  • Rob Sanderson (Stanford) (Convenor)
  • Edward Silverton (Digirati)
  • Rashmi Singhal (HarvardX)
  • Stu Snydman (Stanford)
  • Randy Stern (Harvard)
  • Jon Stroop (Princeton) (Notes)
  • Ken Tsang (British Library)
  • Simeon Warner (Cornell)
  • Drew Winget (Stanford)

Rob gave an extra welcome to Kevin Clarke, as it was his first IIIF call. He also noted some of the regular attendees that were missing.

Scope / Purpose of Calls

Rob Outlined the following:

  • Scope of meetings is both the APIs and the evolution of tools that implement IIIF specification.
  • Meetings serve to document the processes and progression of IIIF.
  • Minutes will be distributed on IIIF-Discuss and posted to the website as news items.
  • Attendees who share information or URLs on the call that should not be shared publicly should make it clear during the call!
  • The agenda is open and a call for topics will be sent out to IIIF-Discuss the week prior to the call.

Image API Discussion

The following changes were dicussed (see the changelog for details). There were generally no challenges to these changes from the attendees, though some clarifications were required:

  • Quality name changes (native to default, grey to gray). This is a significant breaking change, the former to clarify and avoid the implication that there is a ‘source image’, the latter to use American English consistently (i.e. the spec uses “color” not “colour”)
  • The addition of mirroring: adding an exclamation mark (“!”) to the front of the rotation segement of hte URI will mirror the image on the vertical axis. Use cases are:
    • Digitized negatives (Stroop)
    • “Reflection” images for carousels and the like (Sanderson)
  • Changes to info.json
    • Addition of protocol
    • Context reflects major version (/2/) only
    • Addition of sizes array:
      • viewing_hint is optional
      • Pre-caching (for better performance) of the specified sizes is implied, but only as a best practice (question raised by Winget)
    • New tiles syntax serves to clarify that scale_factors applies to tiles, and sizes applies to the full image. Addionally, different scale factors can have different tile sizes, and height is optional (assumed to be same as width if not reported.)
    • profile allows implementations to indicate which features they implement in between compliance levels, and option features (solves the “I’m almost level 2 compliant” problem)
    • We ran out of time before service could be discussed.


  • Editors should review the discussion (especially of info.json) to see if there are clarifications that should be made.
  • Discuss service applies to both APIs on next call
  • Discuss Presentation API changes on next call