Mirador 2.1 Released!

  Sheila Rabun, Stuart Snydman    |      September 16, 2016

The Mirador development team and community have announced the release of Mirador 2.1. A demo of the upgraded viewer, code, and documentation are available online at projectmirador.org.

A IIIF-compliant viewer that provides comparison of multiple images, Mirador version 2.1 provides users with powerful new annotation features and allows manipulation of image brightness, contrast, and saturation. The user interface and underlying architecture have been improved significantly, in addition to support for IIIF 2.0 ranges and more complete support for IIIF drag and drop functionality. A full list of features and improvements included in Mirador 2.1 can be found at github.com/ProjectMirador/mirador/releases.

In the Mirador 2.1 release announcement to the IIIF-Discuss email list, Stuart Snydman, Associate Director for Digital Strategy at Stanford University Libraries, noted that “Mirador development is truly a collaborative and global effort involving substantial contributions of designs, code, testing, documentation, advice, and feedback by talented professionals from over a dozen institutions worldwide. Special thanks and congratulations to Mirador’s lead developers, Rashmi Singhal from Harvard and Drew Winget from Stanford. The advanced annotation features were inspired by requirements from the ConservationSpace project and realized through the leadership and effort of David Beaudet at the National Gallery of Art and engineering contributions from the Sirma Group.”

All interested parties are invited to try the demo, download the code, provide feedback, and get involved. The next open Mirador community call will be Thursday, September 22 at 9am PST, where the team will begin making plans for Mirador 2.2, expected to follow closely on the heels of Mirador 2.1. Details for joining the call will be announced on the IIIF-Discuss list.