Kyoto University Library Network Joins the IIIF Consortium

  Sheila Rabun    |      December 29, 2016

The Kyoto University Library Network has officially joined the IIIF Consortium, expanding the reach of IIIF activities in Japan. An announcement is also available in Japanese.

In a recent bulletin, the Library Network announced that work is underway to digitize items from a collection of over 6.9 million rare and important cultural heritage materials, including rare manuscripts and books, “in order to help preserve them and to contribute to academic and cultural development at the same time. With IIIF technologies, we expect that we can enhance the user experience of image presentation and image interoperability.”

The Kyoto University Digital Library Rare Materials Exhibition contains a multitude of compelling images of historical records, colored illustrations, important National Treasure artifacts, astronomy drawings, maps, and more, all soon to be made available with IIIF technology.

Welcome, and congratulations to the Kyoto University Library Network!