The IIIF community's accomplishments in 2021

  IIIF consortium staff    |      January 10, 2022

IIIF’s 2021 in review

The IIIF community took enormous strides in 2021 despite the immense challenges presented by an ongoing global pandemic, a testament to the strength of our membership and the dedication of those who contribute to the specifications, community groups, and other aspects of the framework. Here are just some of our collective accomplishments in 2021:

  • Welcomed four new Consortium members (3 full members, 1 associate member).
  • Held our largest Annual Conference ever, with over 1,750 registrants from 36 countries and 1,200 different organizations attending nearly 80 sessions.
  • Launched a new website aimed at lowering the barrier to understanding IIIF for newcomers, while also serving the needs of existing community members.
  • Further developed the IIIF specifications, including the publication of the Change Discovery API and the “NavPlace” maps extension.
  • Formed a new 3D Technical Specification Group to continue explorations into how the IIIF specifications can support 3D materials.
  • Expanded and diversified the Editorial Group, adding new members for the first time since 2015.
  • Added 21 new recipes to the Cookbook, as well as adding new ‘recipe’ creators to the group, and developing a viewer support page.
  • Developed the IIIF Workbench, a tool for publishing Manifests and Images using a static GitHub Website, and updated the Simple Annotation Server (SAS) with new functionality for managing private user-based annotations.
  • Held a revamped Fall Working Meeting designed to produce concrete outcomes for the community to take forward in 2022.
  • Continued expanding our training program, holding 6 week-long workshops, 1 bespoke institutional course, and an annotation workshop for Learn@DLF.
  • Launched a thriving consulting business to provide consortium members and others with expert advice regarding their IIIF implementations.
  • Assisted the Consortium members in electing a new Executive Committee to steer the Consortium.

We’re looking forward to working with the community to build on all this work as 2022 commences.