Welcome to Jisc and the The National Library of the Netherlands, the newest members of the IIIF Consortium!

  IIIF Consortium Staff    |      February 02, 2022

We are happy to announce that Jisc and The National Library of the Netherlands / Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) have joined the IIIF Consortium, as full member and associate member respectively.

Jisc is a UK nonprofit that provides “relevant and useful advice, digital content and network and IT services, while we research and develop new technologies and ways of working.” Jisc’s Archives Hub is at the centre of its work with the IIIF. The Archives Hub brings together descriptions of thousands of the UK’s archive collections from over 350 institutions across the country and allows users to discover unique and often little-known sources to support their research.

The Archives Hub is currently working on an innovations project to look at how the IIIF can help to make digital archival content more available. The project involves ten UK institutions, including seven Jisc members, looking at issues surrounding the use of IIIF for archives, in particular challenges around the hierarchical arrangement of archives and how IIIF can best represent this.

The KB National Library was founded in 1798 and collects all publications relating to the Netherlands. A large part of this collection has been digitized. The KB has recently started implementing IIIF in its infrastructure and is working on integrating the APIs into future digital endeavors.

Extra love and attention will be given to the rich special collections of KB, such as Alba Amicorum and Medieval Manuscripts. The KB National Library are looking forward to be part of the IIIF consortium and getting to know the community.

To join the IIIF Consortium, take a look at the benefits of membership, and send an email to admin@iiif.io expressing your interest.