Announcing Caitlin Perry, IIIF Community and Communications Coordinator

  Josh Hadro, IIIF-C Managing Director    |      November 07, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Caitlin Perry has joined the staff of the IIIF Consortium as the Community and Communications Coordinator!

Caitlin will be working with the experts and adopters of IIIF to help advance the framework and its utility. Before joining IIIF, Caitlin served as Communications and Data Manager at Educopia Institute, providing communications support, data management, and event planning across a portfolio of programs and research projects. Prior to that, Caitlin held roles at a software development company and in book publishing.

Please give a warm welcome when you see Caitlin on upcoming calls and events, and many thanks to the members of the Hiring Committee and the community at large who helped during the hiring process.

For more about the IIIF Consortium staff, see our staff page.

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