Sharing a link to open a Manifest in a specific viewer

Use case

You would like to provide the user a link to click that will open a specific Manifest directly in a preselected viewer application. For example, on your web page or in an email to a user or colleague, you share a link to a IIIF Manifest for a book that will automatically open in a Mirador instance.

Implementation notes

This type of request can be implemented using the IIIF Content State API following the HTTP GET (Query String) Parameter section.

The Manifest URL is provided as the value of the iiif-content parameter following the viewer instance URL. Assuming the viewer can be accessed at we can pass the iiif-content parameter as follows:

Note when the content state is a plain URI, rather than a JSON object, it must not be content-state-encoded.

However, the current specs do not provide a standardized approach to interpret URIs containing special characters, please see the issue for a detailed explanation and updates regarding this issue.


To open the IIIF Manifest in the Mirador viewer hosted at, we construct the link as follows:

Similarly with Clover we append the iiif-content parameter to the viewer location as so: