IIIF Editorial Committee

The IIIF Editorial Committee works in collaboration with community groups to propose new technical specifications and to update existing ones. The Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviews and approves these proposals.


The initial membership of the Editorial Committee was set in the Memorandum of Understanding that established the Consortium in 2015.

Per the Memorandum, the Editors may nominate additional Editors at any time. All current Editors must agree before an invitation is issued. Editors will choose from participants within the community and/or experts willing to lend their knowledge and experience to new specifications. Opportunities to better the gender, race, and age balance of the existing editorial team will also be a consideration. New Editors must be approved by the Executive Committee.

There is no set number of Editors, but this does not mean that the number of existing Editors will not be taken into account when considering new Editors. The existing Editors will seek out new or additional Editors when they are lacking knowledge or significant empathy for use cases in an area that the community has agreed is important.


Editors must agree to follow the IIIF editorial process, including attendance at meetings, and to the intellectual property conditions under which the specifications are published. They are responsible for confirming that these conditions are also acceptable to their employer, where applicable.

It is not expected that every Editor comment on every issue, though they should make every effort to do so. Editors may be dismissed from work on a specification, or the Editorial group altogether, when they fail to meet the expectations of their colleagues, as described here.

Current membership

Past membership

Change log

Date Description
2024-01-23 Adding Julie to the list of editors
2023-07-10 Updated to note Simeon stepped down
2021-11-15 Updated to note Maria and Jon stepped down
2021-03-04 Updated to include Maria, Jeff, and Dawn, update Rob’s affiliation
2018-11-12 Separated from description of editorial process
2017-03-17 Updated (@srabun, @azaroth, @zimeon, @tcramer)
2015-12-22 First release (@mikeapp, @tomcrane, @azaroth42, @jpstroop, @zimeon)