IIIF Community and Technical Specification Groups

Community Groups provide an opportunity for discussing and advancing IIIF-related issues with peers. They meet regularly and are open to all.

If you’d like to propose a technical or community topic that would benefit the community, please review the Groups framework.

Current Groups

All of the meetings for the groups listed below are open to the public and can be joined at any time – newcomers welcome!

Community Groups

Community Groups meet to discuss issues related to current themes and topics, and also often feature demos of relevant work and recent implementations.

  • 3D - Calls on the 3rd Thursday of the month

  • Archives - Calls every quarter on Tuesdays

  • A/V - Every four weeks, on Mondays

  • Design - Monthly on the last Wednesday

  • Manuscripts - On hiatus currently

  • Maps - Every 2 weeks on Wednesday (alternates with Maps TSG)

  • Museums - Monthly on the second Tuesday

  • Newspapers - On hiatus currently

  • Outreach - Monthly on the last Tuesday

Technical Specification Groups (TSGs)

Technical Specification Groups are specifically chartered to update existing specifications or create new ones (to see how take a look at the Groups framework). Like Community Groups, all of the meetings for the groups listed below are open to the public and can be joined at any time.

Completed Groups and TSGs

  • Text Granularity TSG – This group completed its work in 2019 with the publication of the Text Granularity Extension.
  • A/V TSG – with the publication of the Presentation API 3.0 in June 2020, this TSG completed its work and evolved in the A/V community group listed above.
  • Software Developers Community Group

Community call calendar

To load this calendar into external applications like Outlook or Mac Calendar please download the calendar in this ical format.