How to Improve the Metadata Interoperability at the IIIF Presentation API

Seyed Mahdi Taheri - Allameh Tabataba'i University (Iran)

Presentation type: Presentation


The article finds out how to improve the metadata interoperability among the IIIF metadata standards and other metadata standards semantically. There are many metadata standards, such as MODS, MIX, and METS have been developed by different data management institutes, being usable in various data contexts and environments. While the IIIF, instead of reusing existing metadata standards, has provided its own metadata standards (resource properties and structure) at the Presentation API. Developing diverse metadata standards with the same functionality causes divergence. The divergence will lead to pluralism that cannot solve current Web problems in data controlling and processing. Especially, when we are encountering some challenges such as big data phenomenon. In this situation, the interoperability functionality seems to be the most appropriate solution for solving the problems created by divergence. In other words, for integrating data repositories such image repositories, the standards interoperability, here the metadata standard interoperability is necessary, especially in connecting IIIF with existing metadata standards semantically. In the end, the article will focus on suggesting some solutions, such designing comprehensive mappings (or crosswalks), linking devices (attributes and designators) for representing the relationships between image entities intra- and inter- image repositories based on the cultural heritage context’s conceptual reference models, application profiles creation, and so forth, to IIIF how to harmonize and integrate its resource properties and structure with existing metadata standards semantically.


  • Interoperability in IIIF contexts