Modelling multiple versions of a digital surrogate with IIIF

Emma Stanford - Bodleian Libraries (United Kingdom)

Presentation type: Lightning talk


Aging digital collections often mean that there is no longer a one-to-one mapping between original object and digital surrogate. At the Bodleian, some of our most important manuscripts have been photographed--and the images made publicly available online--three or four times under different conditions. What do we do with these previous versions? Do we continue to publish different versions simultaneously, and how do we help users to choose between them? I will demonstrate one option for modelling multiple digital surrogates within a single IIIF manifest and discuss some of the questions that we would need to answer in scaling up this approach.


  • Discovering IIIF resources,
  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)


  • manuscripts,
  • layers,
  • manifests