Content Aggregation in Europeana by means of IIIF Manifests

Jonathan Blok - Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (The Netherlands), Erwin Verbruggen - The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (The Netherlands), Pieter van Leeuwen - Noterik (The Netherlands), Daniel Ockeloen - Noterik (The Netherlands), Hugo Manguinhas - (Europeana)

Presentation type: Lightning talk


In this lightning talk we would like to introduce our approach in aggregating the content of various european content providers into a universal player using IIIF Manifests as a standard. Europeana Media, Noterik, and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision are collaborating in order to provide users with a universal player for Europeana, through which they can access audiovisual content from across multiple archives. The player will provide functionality in line with what researchers requested (e.g. annotations, transcripts, searching, and sharing). Audiovisual content as well as annotations are exchanged in the form of IIIF manifests. By releasing the source code for the Europeana universal player, we want to enable others in the community to reuse and add to the work that has been done within the scope of the project. We will present the architecture we have used to achieve this, and discuss the challenges in working with a standard such as IIIF manifests when dealing with multiple content providers.


  • Annotation, including full-text or academic use cases,
  • Audio/Visual use cases for IIIF,
  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)