Large scale IIIF implementation at Bavarian State Library

Ralf Eichinger - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek / Bavarian State Library (Germany)

Presentation type: Presentation


At the BSB we are on the way to serve all 2.3 million digitized objects by IIIF.

In our presentation we will show how services developed at BSB starting from serving images via providing IIIF-manifests to linking transcription-annotations.

Which data are needed for these services and where do we get these from? Which technical architecture and products drive the high-performance IIIF-cluster at BSB?

We will spend some words on automatisation of the IIIF-production workflow. Last but not least we present our own developed OpenSource-applications and -libraries for IIIF and workflows.


  • Annotation, including full-text or academic use cases,
  • IIIF Implementation Spectrum: large-scale or small-scale projects