Newspapers and IIIF: Moving from Implementation to Interaction

Karen Estlund - Penn State (United States), Glen Robson - IIIF (UK)

Presentation type: Panel


The IIIF newspapers community group has been active over the last couple of years with recommendations for implementing IIIF with newspapers, working across IIIF communities on shared issues with textual image documents, and supporting integration of IIIF at the system levels. In the first portion of the session, the panelists will present an overview of IIIF implementations for newspapers through multiple software platforms. The second portion of the session will engage the audience and panelists in a question and answer period addressing challenges and opportunities from working with newspapers in IIIF. The final portion of the session will be devoted to a use-case and user-focused discussion of how to make use of the newspaper collections once IIIF is implemented.


  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)


  • Newspapers,
  • textual documents,
  • OCR