"Digitisation of Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Eyo Festival Images"

Felix Bayode Oke - Anchor University Lagos (Nigeria)

Presentation type: Lightning talk


Festivals are significant events in the social and cultural reality of apeople. To preserve cultural heritage, specialists capture what happens before, during, and after a festival by interviewing participants, taking photographs and recording audio and video of the event, etc. For example, Pelu Awofeso has documented the Lagos Eyo Festival (also known as the Adamo Orisha Play) in his work White Lagos: A Definitive and Visual Guide to the Eyo Festival, in which he observes

participants and uses a narratological approach to document the event in textual form. In this paper, I argue that the use of digital software such as IIIF, will be useful in both documenting as well as digitizing images for mapping and annotation. These processes will enhance the preservation, data protection, and privacy of textual documentation of festivals.


  • Annotation, including full-text or academic use cases,
  • Using IIIF material for Machine Learning and AI,
  • Audio/Visual use cases for IIIF


  • Digitisation,
  • Eyo Festival,
  • cultural heritage,
  • Image Interoperability,
  • Digital Festival