IIIF at the University of Cambridge

Andy Corrigan - University of Cambridge (Uk)

Presentation type: Lightning talk


In September 2018 Cambridge Digital Library convened a conference titled “Building Sustainable Digital Pedagogy” in Cambridge (UK). The conference brought together a broad range of stimulating projects and initiatives with a digital focus and pertinence to the process through which we teach and learn. The aim of the conference was to explore opportunities to strengthen the matrix of research, technology and education, and the intrinsic role IIIF could have in that.

In addition to reviewing the impact of the conference, Cambridge Digital Library will also update the IIIF community on further developments in adoption of IIIF at the University of Cambridge, including activities to disseminate IIIF to institutions, staff and students in the University.


  • IIIF Implementation Spectrum: large-scale or small-scale projects,
  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)


  • Implementation,
  • building community & sustainability,
  • embedding IIIF in use cases,
  • outreach