Metadata aggregation of IIIF Resources at Europeana: status and plans

Nuno Freire - INESC-ID (Portugal), Antoine Isaac - Europeana (Netherlands)

Presentation type: Presentation


The presentation will start with the current status of the work at Europeana with respect discovery of IIIF cultural heritage resources. We will present how IIIF resources may be provided by Europeana data providers in the EDM metadata delivered to Europeana.

IIIF is also recognized by Europeana as a technology with much potential to innovate the process of aggregation of metadata within the Europeana network, and reducing the operational costs of metadata aggregation for all partners. Europeana has already has collections in its dataset that were aggregated via several of the possible IIIF methods. Europeana is interested in the IIIF Change Discovery API for establishing a standard metadata aggregation method based on IIIF, is active in its specification and in the work being carried out in the IIIF Discovery Technical Working Group

We will conclude by presenting future plans, for example our investigation of the potential uses, for Europeana's services, of the recent IIIF progress at Wikidata.


  • Discovering IIIF resources


  • Metadata aggregation,
  • discovery