Panel / Roundtable Discussion: The Role of Museums in IIIF (alternate title: how IIIF helps you get attention)

Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass - Yale Center for British Art (United States), Richard Palmer - V&A Museum (England), Stefano Cossu - J. Paul Getty Trust (United States), Karsten Heck - University of Göttingen (Germany)

Presentation type: Panel


The focus of the discussion will be to think about the unique or characteristic aspects of museums within the IIIF technologies and community. More specifically, we are interested in discussing IIIF in the light of the motivations and challenges unique to museums, be they university museums, private museums, or public museums small and large, and how they can leverage IIIF to support their strategy both in the digital and physical worlds.

The session invites museum professionals and IIIF members to take part in the discussion if they wish, and wants to contribute ideas that may be later used to help shape the direction and role of museums within the IIIF community.

The session will adopt a mixed format with the following points:

1. Introductory presentation of the theme, purpose and development of the session (about 5 minutes)

2. Brief showcase of 4-6 selected use cases that highlight specific uses of IIIF tools in the museum sector (15-25 minutes)

3. All-hands round table discussion aimed at identifying particularly

interesting aspects, goals, needs, and challenges of museums within the IIIF community (45-55 minutes)

4. Wrap-up, summary and conclusions (5 minutes)

We will end the session with some solid take-away points that identify museums in the IIIF landscape, and ideally help to better define a direction for the Museums Community Group.

The authors will prepare some broad topics that may be used to guide the discussion in case it needs focus from time to time, e.g.:

- What are the most compelling use cases for a museum to adopt IIIF?

- What is the functionality of IIIF that gets the most traction for museums patrons?

- What are the most original uses that museums make of IIIF technology?

- Which particular challenges are faced by museums in adopting IIIF?

- How is the proposed commitment to open source and community-driven

technologies received by museum senior management?

- Which challenges are museums trying to address by adopting IIIF?


  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)


  • museums,
  • digital strategy