Designing a user friendly IIIF based data aggregation platform

Pierre-Edouard Barrault - The Muz Platform (Netherlands)

Presentation type: Presentation


With the acceleration of the digital revolution, organisations want to keep getting closer to their audience by improving their online experience. The need for robust, standardised and user-friendly data management tools is getting critical to maintain data and make it accessible for users through in-house and constantly evolving third-content applications.

We have developed a new tool with the goal of offering an elegant solution for GLAM institutions to upgrade their digital collections with modern data standards, and to display them with glorious visualisation features thanks to all the IIIF goodness. Our solution also enables collections to be compliant with the Europeana platform, which ensures enhanced search functionalities to reach your audience even further.

The solution enables data managers to upload a dataset (XML, CSV, RDF/XML), fetch the original pictures, and use its streamlined data workflow to transform the data into a IIIF collection, with a dedicated public page.

The tool also offers an automated export feature into EDM/XML, giving collections the opportunity to be compliant with the Europeana platform, which is a performant gateway to reach their audience even further.

We plan to launch this solution within the next months and we are now in contact with pilot institutions for the last testing/refining phase. By May 2019 we plan to have made it official and start to promote it more effectively.


  • Linked Open “Usable” Data (LOUD) and IIIF,
  • IIIF Implementation Spectrum: large-scale or small-scale projects,
  • Interoperability in IIIF contexts,
  • IIIF communities (3D, archives, museums, manuscripts, newspapers, etc.)


  • Design thinking,
  • data-driven design,
  • web app,
  • Europeana,
  • LOD,
  • user experience