Guides to finding IIIF resources

This is a brief guide to finding IIIF Manifest URLs from members of the IIIF community. These guides begin from a record page, so do not include how to search or view an individual record.

Once you have a manifest URL you can use the How to use IIIF Resources and Viewers guide to open it in one of the many IIIF Viewers.

This site is a work in progress, and heavily inspired by the initial work done by St Andrew’s University to compile the initial IIIF Resources List.

“Copy this link” is the final step in many of the guides and this involves right-clicking and “copy link address” or similar. Alternatively left click to open the link, then copy the address in the address bar.

Contribution and corrections

If you notice a correction or would like to add to this list please either submit a pull request to the repository or fill in this Google form and the IIIF Staff will add your entry. If you are submitting through GitHub please read the Contributing guide.