IIIF Technical Coordinator Hired

  Tom Cramer, Mike Keller    |      August 30, 2017

Glen Robson has been appointed the new Technical Coordinator for the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) community; he will start in this new role in September, 2017.

In this role, Glen will serve as a dedicated expert helping to provision and maintain IIIF’s technical infrastructure and tools (such as the IIIF.io website, and API validators). He will help identify and address IIIF-related technological issues and opportunities as they arise, and act as a general resource to the community to facilitate adoption, new integrations, and other advances. A special part of Glen’s role will be helping new players (IIIF-C members, other institutions, software providers) to become IIIF-compatible.

As a community-powered initiative, IIIF is driven by individuals and institutions working together to drive innovation and a more interoperable information landscape. But as IIIF has grown, so has the need for more coordination and support across all the moving parts. Glen joins Sheila Rabun, the IIIF Community and Communications Officer, as our second expert dedicated to coordinating the activities of the IIIF community at large.

Glen has been an active participant and leader in IIIF before now. Coming from the National Library of Wales with 12 years of experience in large scale digitization projects, he has led their impressive series of IIIF implementations, including delivery of maps, newspapers and crowdsourcing systems. Glen has been a significant contributor to the API specifications, is a co-convener of the Newspapers community group, and has been both an adopter and advocate for IIIF.

Glen and Sheila’s roles are made possible by the IIIF Consortium (IIIF-C). With 46 founding members, the IIIF-C exists to support and sustain IIIF. If your institution would like to lead the way into the future of interoperable resource delivery and help support IIIF, please consider joining the IIIF-C, and in welcoming Glen to this new role.