IIIF Announces Final Release of 3.0 Specifications

  IIIF Editorial Committee + Community    |      June 04, 2020

June 04, 2020

Meg O’Hearn
IIIF Community and Events Coordinator

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) community is excited to announce the 3.0 release of two core IIIF APIs: the IIIF Image API, and the IIIF Presentation API. This is the first major release since June 2017 and represents the work of dozens of contributors.

A critical element of this release is the ability to move beyond static digital images to present and annotate audio and moving images. This is done by adding duration to the existing IIIF canvas model, which also features x and y coordinates as means of selecting and annotating regions. Now, images and video can be juxtaposed using open source software viewers — allowing the public to view time-based media in open source media players, and allowing researchers to use open assets to create new tools and works including critical editions, annotated oral histories, musical works with thematic markup, and more.

Other 3.0 improvements include a switch from Open Annotations to the W3C Web Annotations standard and an update to make use of JSON-LD 1.1, two important elements that help keep IIIF compatible with the growing linked data ecosystem.

About IIIF: IIIF is an open software system that delivers high quality, attributed digital objects online at large scale. IIIF is also the growing international community of people who improve it. The IIIF APIs have been used since 2012 by the community to create compelling software for the display of more than a billion IIIF-compatible images. Institutions making use of the open IIIF standards include world-leading research, national and state libraries, archives, museums, software companies and image repositories.

About the IIIF Consortium: The IIIF Consortium (IIIF-C) was formed in June 2015 in Oxford, England, to provide steering and sustainability for the IIIF community. The IIIF-C now comprises 58 Members across the globe, committing to support the growth and adoption of IIIF. IIIF-C provides continued support for adoption, experimentation, outreach, and a thriving community of libraries, museums, software firms, scholars, and technologists working with IIIF. To join, visit https://iiif.io/community/consortium/join/