IIIF welcomes three new specification Editors

  IIIF-C Staff    |      March 04, 2021

IIIF Welcomes Three New Specification Editors

The IIIF Editorial Committee is excited to welcome three new members to its ranks, the first expansion of this group since 2015.

The new editors are:

  • Maria Whitaker, Indiana University
  • Jeff Mixter, OCLC Research
  • Dawn Childress, UCLA

Dawn, Jeff, and Maria have made invaluable contributions to the IIIF Community in recent years, including as co-chairs of Community Groups, as members of the Technical Review Committee, and as major contributors to the Cookbook of IIIF Recipes.

This expansion also marks an important evolution in the editorial process that now includes Technical Review Committee (TRC) approval of changes and moves away from a model that presumes all editors should work on every API specification. This change reflects a need borne of the successful growth of the IIIF API universe – from a single specification first published in 2012 to the current six draft and published specifications. Likewise, the newly expanded IIIF Editorial Committee will work with the IIIF Consortium staff to undertake annual reviews with an eye toward process improvements and means by which the Editorial Committee might further reflect the diversity of the IIIF Community. This will include future opportunities for interested contributors to step into editorial positions as they become available.

More about the IIIF Editorial Committee

The IIIF Editorial Committee works in collaboration with community groups to propose new technical specifications and to update existing ones. The Technical Review Committee (TRC) enables the timely review of these proposals for the community.