Call for Outreach Group co-chairs

  Outreach Group    |      June 07, 2021

Can you help the IIIF-C Staff to increase the outreach of the IIIF? We are looking for one or more co-chair(s) to help shape the future work of the Outreach group, particularly in terms of outreach to underrepresented domains and areas of the world. If you are interested in becoming a Co-Chair of the group or would like to find out more please contact Claire Knowles at or Rachel Di Cresce, the current Co-Chairs of the group.


The Outreach group has served a tremendous role within the IIIF community to spur adoption by fostering local and regional meetings, translating specifications and other documents, initiating domain-specific ambassadorial roles, and more. When the Outreach group began its work, volunteer contribution was the only path for accomplishing the goals as outlined in the group’s charter.

However, now that the IIIF Consortium has three well established staff roles and given the changing needs of a more mature and established IIIF community, we propose refining and narrowing the scope of the Outreach group. Specifically, our near- to medium-term goal is to focus efforts on the best means of supporting IIIF implementation and outreach to areas that have not historically been the primary audiences for IIIF outreach, including the Global South and other underrepresented areas and countries.

This reframed focus will also serve our broader outreach goals in that they will help IIIF-C staff and the community refine offerings in terms of showcase and workshop support, basic marketing materials, and more.

The Outreach Group’s primary responsibilities are in currently the following areas (though new co-chairs would also help us refine and align these as the group evolves):

  1. Work with IIIF-C staff to identify areas for targeted IIIF adoption support, including via potential IIIF-related collaborations, grants, projects, commercial connections, and potential IIIF Consortium membership
  2. Provide support for local events including developing recipes and resources and event documentation; gather feedback and reports on outreach events.
  3. Coordinate IIIF presence at conferences and meetings (keep track of and help to organize IIIF representation at relevant conferences, meetings, and other presentation opportunities)
  4. Support and amplify the work of the IIIF ambassadors, and help develop the IIIF ambassadors program.
  5. Work with the IIIF-C staff and IIIF ambassadors to create, disseminate, and promote replicable means of supporting local IIIF efforts and activities
  6. Work with IIIF staff and IIIF ambassadors on the development, evaluation, translation and distribution of marketing materials
  7. Work with IIIF staff and IIIF ambassadors on the development, evaluation, strategy and delivery of training and related activities