IIIF Outreach Community Group


The IIIF Outreach Group is a standing committee with representatives from across the IIIF community, dedicated to guiding IIIF outreach efforts and goals related to the presentation of IIIF to the public.


The Group’s primary responsibilities are in the following areas:

  1. Content and organization of the IIIF website to ensure clarity of conceptual information and value of IIIF
    • Continuously assess impact audience, objectives, quality of outreach materials
  2. Marketing and promotional materials (deciding upon, designing, and distributing swag materials, including consulting on IIIF event t-shirts)
  3. Support for local events including developing recipes and resources
  4. IIIF outreach events and related documentation
  5. IIIF presence at conferences and meetings (keep track of and help to organize IIIF representation at relevant conferences, meetings, and other presentation opportunities)
  6. Identify areas for IIIF adoption, including commercial outreach, potential IIIF-related collaborations, grants, and projects, and potential IIIF Consortium members
  7. Creating a framework to support IIIF translations of key collateral

While the Outreach Group is ultimately responsible for pursuing and executing outreach opportunities as listed above, input from the wider IIIF community is welcome and may be considered by the Group.



  • Caterina Agostini (Center for Digital Humanities, Princeton University)
  • Claire Knowles (Leeds University Library)
  • Caitlin Perry (IIIF-Consortium)

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