IIIF welcomes Julie Winchester as specification Editor

  IIIF-C Staff    |      January 23, 2024

IIIF welcomes Julie Winchester as specification Editor

The IIIF editors are pleased to welcome Dr. Julie Winchester as a new specification editor to the IIIF Editorial Committee. Julie is the Technical Director for MorphoSource, a large-scale publicly accessible 3D data repository based at Duke University. Julie is also a co-chair of the IIIF 3D Technical Specification Group (TSG) and has worked, along with the group’s other co-chairs, to coordinate the efforts to add support for 3D to the IIIF specifications.

This addition to the Editorial Committee comes at a key time, with the increase of discussions around 3D both inside and outside of the IIIF community. The 3D TSG has gone through a process of setting the scope for integration with IIIF and are currently undertaking experiments looking into different ways to represent and contextualize one or more 3D models in JSON documents using the principles of the IIIF Presentation API. The Editors are eager to shepherd the IIIF specifications to their next iteration with Julie’s proven expertise and leadership.

More about the IIIF Editorial Committee

The IIIF Editorial Committee works in collaboration with community groups to propose new technical specifications and to update existing ones. The Technical Review Committee (TRC) enables the timely review of these proposals for the community.