API Specifications - International Image Interoperability Framework™

Current Specifications

API Current Version
Authentication API 1.0.0
Image API 2.1.1
Presentation API 2.1.1
Search API 1.0.0

Draft Specifications

API Draft Version (Status)
none none

Feedback Requested
We welcome feedback on all IIIF Specifications. In particular, we are actively seeking implementations and feedback on the Authentication API draft specification. Please send any feedback to iiif-discuss@googlegroups.com.

Community Translations

API Version Translation
Image API 2.1 Japanese
Presentation API 2.1 Japanese
Search API 1.0 Japanese

Translation Note
Please note that the IIIF community does not guarantee the accuracy of any translation. They are linked to for information purposes only, and any discrepancies with the specifications are unintentional. The English versions of the specifications linked above are the definitive versions.

Older Versions

Current IIIF specifications should be used for all new work. Old versions are retained for reference and are listed below.

Old API Version Notes
Authentication API 0.9.4 Published 2016-10-05
Image API 2.0 Published 2014-09-11
Image API 1.1 Published 2013-09-17
Image API 1.0 Published 2012-08-10
Presentation API 2.0 Published 2014-08-12
Metadata API 1.0 “Metadata API” was replaced with the Presentation API, published 2013-09-16
Metadata API 0.9 Draft of the “Metadata API”, published 2013-06-11
Search API 0.9 Draft published 2016-04-11


IIIF also has a series of Implementation Notes which are not subject to the same process as formal APIs but may be useful to implementers.


IIIF Specifications are created and published following the IIIF Editorial Process.