IIIF 3D Community Group


The 3D community group provides an opportunity for institutions interested in interoperability to coordinate strategies and facilitate conversations about open standards that support 3D use cases. Many of the desired operations and interactions with 3D data are similar to the 2D and A/V use cases of IIIF for sharing images and annotation, and organizations are increasingly looking to integrate exhibits, displays, and comparisons of 3D data with other file types.

We welcome participation in the 3D community group by anyone interested in exploring the prospects and promise of 3D data interoperability on the web.

The full charter can be found here.

Please add examples and use cases at https://github.com/IIIF/iiif-3d-stories/issues


  • To explore possibilities for viewing, search, discovery, and annotating 3D data.
  • To collect and document use cases from existing and new IIIF community members that suggest the need for interoperability of 3D data.
  • To collect, discuss and evaluate the state of the art with respect to 3D requirements for use by the cultural heritage community on the web.
  • To coordinate and connect through outreach to internal and external partners and technical experts, and related initiatives.
  • To explore best practices for interoperability and possibilities with existing IIIF specifications and open APIs through articulating use cases and experimentation.



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