IIIF A/V Community Group Charter

If you’re looking for the original A/V TSG Charter, that has been moved now that this group has transition into a Community Group


The Audio/Video (A/V) Community Group exists to provide a forum focused on the experiences of users and implementers working with audio, video, and moving image content and tools in the context of IIIF specifications. The Community Group was formed at the conclusion of the IIIF AV Technical Specification Group, which informed the addition of new audio and moving image capabilities in version 3.0 of the IIIF Presentation API.


The IIIF A/V Community Group was formed to facilitate discussion of A/V-specific topics in relation to IIIF, including:

  • Providing mutual assistance to technical implementers of systems using IIIF with AV content
  • Exploration of best practices for exposing A/V content using IIIF, including development of new IIIF Cookbook recipes for A/V use cases
  • Developing recommendations for potential future changes to IIIF specifications to better accommodate A/V use cases, to be passed along to the IIIF Editors and/or relevant Technical Specification Groups
  • Promotion of IIIF within broader A/V archives, research, and pedagogy communities
  • Promotion of IIIF to A/V software developers and vendors



  • Tanya Clement (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Jon Dunn (Indiana University Bloomington)
  • Andrija Sagic (“Milutin Bojic” Library)

Call notes and group documents: