Software Developers Community Group

Note: this group has been decommissioned given the development of the Technical Review Committee and other flexible outlets for discussion like the IIIF Slack channel.


The Software Developers Community Group formed in response to the growing need for shared, composable libraries for IIIF viewer software following the IIIF Meeting in New York in May 2016. Software developers from several institutions involved in developing user experiences on top of the IIIF APIs were duplicating each other’s efforts and finding it difficult to consistently apply the specifications.

As the IIIF developer community grows, it continues to have a greater need for reusable components that can be composed into special-purpose applications. In the interest of keeping pace with improvement to the Image and Presentation API specifications, as well as the introduction of new APIs, the interest group provides a vehicle for developers from multiple institutions to discuss, develop, and curate a collection of software components that adhere to certain standards of software quality, composability, and specification compliance.


To advance the growth and adoption of interoperable software with IIIF, the Software Developers Interest Group has the following goals:

  • Provide a place for a community of software developers to converge on day-to-day practices, code quality, and development methodology (particularly around front-end development, which currently has more heterogeneous practices).
  • Develop documentation, training, and tutorials concerning IIIF-based software components.
  • Support this community with shared infrastructure (e.g. Github organisations).
  • Promote reusability and composability of software components (especially frontend components, where there is currently the greatest need for convergence of practices).
  • Develop opportunities and development practices for sustainable collaboration efforts across institutions and funding resources.



  • Drew Winget (Stanford University)
  • Shaun Ellis (Princeton University)

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