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2018 Washington conference submission

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Manuscript Community Group

IIIF Manuscript Community Group - IIIF (International)

Abstract: This hour-long session devoted to manuscripts and IIIF will focus on five key areas that we expect to focus on in the year ahead:

  • manifest metadata best practices (led by Dot Porter)
    • Four Initiative Areas (led by Jeff Witt and Ben Albritton):
    • Webinar (manuscripts-specific)
    • Informational pages (for the IIIF website)
    • Mentorship (to encourage more uptake in the broader manuscripts community)
    • Conference funding (particularly to increase IIIF participation at key events)
The hour will be structured as a series of brief presentation of concrete proposals in each of these areas, followed by discussion, with the goal of ratifying a plan of action for the manuscripts community for the coming year.

Presentation type: 60 minute discussion


  • IIIF content communities (museums, manuscripts, newspapers, archival content, etc.)


  • Manuscripts