Program - 2018 IIIF Conference - Washington, DC

Program for the 2018 IIIF Washington conference. This is a list of the accepted presentations for Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of May. For the pre-conference workshops please see the workshops page. Lightning talks are likely to be on the Wednesday 23rd plenary session. We hope to finish around midday on Friday the 25th of May.

Lightning talks

ID Authors Title
Paper 5 Chifumi Nishioka, Akemi Omura, Fuko Hojo, Hisaya Akazawa, Tatsuji Tomioka Introduction to Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
Paper 6 David Larsen Enhancing Accessibility to the African National Congress Archives: A case study in the utilization of IIIF in Africa
Paper 7 Chifumi Nishioka, Kiyonori Nagasaki Visualizing which parts of IIIF images are looked by users
Paper 10 Emma Stanford Packing light: Building the Bodleian's metadata block
Paper 11 Dan Brennan Breathing Life into Museum Digital Features with IIIF
Paper 12 Jack Reed Going beyond the viewer
Paper 13 Richard Palmer GLAM2IIIF: Papering over the cataloguing gaps
Paper 14 Leander Seige Digital Future for Germany’s written cultural heritage
Paper 18 Tom Crane CanvasPanel - a new UI component for rapid IIIF application development
Paper 27 Manon Foster Evans Bringing communities together: Archives, crowdsourcing and IIIF at the National Library of Wales
Paper 31 Adam Wead The Universal Viewer for Penn State's New Cultural Heritage Repository
Paper 38 Patrick Cuba, Bryan Haberberger An Excellent Repository of Universal and Changeable Things
Paper 40 Thomas Finan, Patrick Cuba Breaking things down to build things up. How IIIF changed how we build.
Paper 43 Eric Johnson Little but Fierce: The Folger's plans for improving its slice of the world
Paper 46 Sayeed Choudhury, Mark Patton, John Abrahams Proposed IIIF Metadata Search Service
Paper 48 Randy Stern, Brandon Bentley Academic Library and Academic Technology Interoperability with IIIF
Paper 51 Rachel Di Cresce Creating IIIF services for researchers and students
Paper 60 Marii Nyröp Wax: Minimal IIIF for Experiments, Exhibitions, and Pedagogy
Paper 107 Kate Blanch, Duane Degler End-to-End Digital Publishing with IIIF
Paper 108 Taylor Surface IIIF and OCLC


ID Authors Title
Paper 1 Terry Brady Generating IIIF Manifests from Repository Metadata and Archival Metadata (EAD)
Paper 2 Athena Jackson The Role of Collections Curators in Setting Priorities for Digitization
Paper 3 Julien A. Raemy The uptake of IIIF in Switzerland and the current state of TICKS: building a IIIF-alignment outreach programme
Paper 9 Kyle Rimkus, Christopher J. Prom A Research Interface for Digital Records Using the IIIF Protocol
Paper 15 Maria Whitaker, Brian Keese Avalon's AV use cases for IIIF
Paper 16 Mats Berggren Using IIIF for images and audio/video at the Swedish National Archives
Paper 19 Tom Crane Beyond the viewer: more windows on our shared digital space
Paper 21 Fenella France, Glen Robson, Meghan Wilson, Chris Bolser Expanding IIIF for Heritage Scientific Data Visualization and Layering
Paper 24 Kiyonori Nagasaki, Masahiro Shimoda Utility of IIIF for Humanities through Use Cases of Buddhist Studies
Paper 25 Asanobu Kitamoto, Jun Homma, Tarek Saier IIIF Curation: the concept, its development, and its potential impact on search and discovery
Paper 28 Mel Mason, Andrew Hankinson Lossless JPEG2000 Conversion and Colour Profiles for Digital Preservation
Paper 29 Joe Marshall, Scott Renton From Digitisation to Discovery: IIIF Explorations with Edinburgh's Special Collections
Paper 30 Katherine Thornton, Kenneth Seals-Nutt Science Stories: A Web App Powered by IIIF and Wikidata
Paper 33 Edward Town, Michael Appleby ‘Reformation to Restoration’: IIIF-Enabled Research on Tudor and Stuart Paintings
Paper 34 Andy Irving Unlocking our Sound Heritage: IIIF AV at the British Library
Paper 37 Patrick Cuba, Jeffrey Witt Diverse Applications of Linked Data Notifications for IIIF Resources
Paper 44 Stacey Redick, Meaghan Brown ‘All the World’s a Stage’: Diverse case studies for IIIF at the Folger Shakespeare Library
Paper 45 Stuart Snydman, Drew Winget, Gary Geisler, Jack Reed Here comes Mirador 3
Paper 47 Terry Brady, Scott Renton, John Howard, Claire Knowles IIIF and Repositories: Managing Image Content and Integration Workflows
Paper 49 Esmé Cowles, Shaun Ellis IIIF Integration Between (and Within) Applications
Paper 52 Dominique Stutzmann, Alexis Toumi, Christopher Kermorvant Medieval manuscripts: image, text and IIIF
Paper 53 Andrew Hankinson, Mel Mason Delivering IIIF services at the Bodleian Libraries
Paper 55 Mark Matney Improving Access to Primary Sources of Law with IIIF
Paper 56 David Newbury Extending IIIF: Adding Custom Data to Manifests
Paper 57 Josh Schneider, Ben Brumfield, Sara Brumfield Round Trip to Paradise
Paper 59 Anne Mclaughlin Parker 2.0: The Rebuilding and Relaunching of the Parker Library on the Web
Paper 61 Nicholas Laiacona, Ben Brumfield, Naoki Kokaze, Kiyonori Nagasaki, Makoto Goto Connecting TEI and IIIF
Paper 62 Colin Greenstreet Creating an IIIF/Transkribus enabled manuscript community to explore C17th literacy

Panel and discussion sessions

ID Authors Title
Paper 8 Michael Appleby, Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, Tina Shah Museums Community Group
Paper 20 Alan Newman, Benjamin Zweig, Michael Skalka, Roger Lawson, David Beaudet Uses of IIIF at the National Gallery of Art
Paper 22 Stuart Snydman, Ed Silverton IIIF 3D Community Group meeting
Paper 32 Adam Metallo, Andrew Gunther, Keith Wilson, David Newbury Starting with IIIF at the Smithsonian Institution or Learning to use a swiss army knife when you need every tool at once
Paper 35 M.A. Matienzo, Jason Ronallo, Matt McGrattan The IIIF Content Search API: A Roundtable for Software Developers, Potential Implementers, and Beyond
Paper 54 Jack Reed, Richard Higgins, Andy Irving, Asanobu Kitamoto Implementing all of the API’s , lessons learned and challenges tackled
Paper 58 Andrew Winget, Rashmi Singhal, Jeffrey Witt The Mirador Ecosystem: Current State and Future Directions (with the Mirador Contributors)
Paper 101 IIIF Editors, IIIF Discovery TSG Discussion and Ratification of Version 0.1 of IIIF Harvesting API
Paper 102 IIIF Editors Discussion of Process to Register IIIF API Extensions
Paper 103 IIIF Newspaper Community Group Newspaper Community Group
Paper 104 IIIF Manuscript Community Group Manuscript Community Group