Paper 105

2018 Washington conference submission

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FromThePage Crowdsourcing Platform

Sara Brumfield - Brumfield Labs, LLC (United States)

Abstract: 'Simply the finest crowdsourcing manuscript transcription software on the planet' used by institutions as diverse as the Stanford Archive, the Indianapolis Public Library, the Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and many individual scholars to collaborative transcribe, translate, and annotate handwritten or hard to OCR documents.
IIIF makes it easy to import images into FromThePage and start a transcription project in minutes. I'll demonstrate starting a project by importing a IIIF manifest, transcribing the document, and FromThePage's collaborative features that make working with volunteers, collaborators and students easy and fun. Finally, I'll show how the FromThePage IIIF based API lets you 'roundtrip' user contributions back into your digital asset management system.

Presentation type: 10 minute lightning talk


  • IIIF and archival collections


  • Archives,
  • Crowd-sourcing