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2018 Washington conference submission

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The value of adding IIIF to LUNA's software

Drake Zabriskie - Luna Imaging Inc (United States)


As one of very few commercial vendors working in a space dominated by non-profit and open source and highly skilled institutional developers. Luna Imaging has always been focused on what brings the most value to our clients data driven image and media collections. In the past it was:

  • Delivering very high resolution images on low bandwidth networks
  • Providing access to many internal and external collections
  • Searching across collections together while maintaining their own specific metadata standards

These needs are still core to LUNA. With the introduction of IIIF we see an expansion and a opportunity to realize a long sought ability to truly share content. For too long disparate systems have by their nature created walled gardens of image content. We see IIIF as a way to take down some of these barriers.

We want to share some of the benefits we are seeing by integrating IIIF into our LUNA software. At Luna, we make it easy to build, share and maintain collections.

Presentation type: 10 minute lightning talk