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2018 Washington conference submission

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Software Development Group - Shared Components

Shaun Ellis - Princeton University (United States), Drew Winget - Stanford University (United States)


Over the past few years, there has been much theoretical discussion around shareable and composable components for building IIIF-friendly user interfaces. While individual projects are now moving towards composability, these components have not proven to be shareable in practice. This session will be a focused technical discussion for developers, implementers, and technical stakeholders around the practicality of shareable components, and some of the issues that still need to be addressed. The session leaders will provide a brief overview (5 minutes) of the 'vision', and some of the challenges we have faced. The rest of the session will consist of a discussion intended to answer the following questions:

  • What has prevented us from reusing components?
  • Where should the limited resources be spent in building IIIF tools that we can all use?
  • What are the limited resources?
  • What is the thin waist?
  • What components should be reusable and useful to others?
  • How do we define the boundaries between components?
  • Is this a matter of simply defining 'props' and 'actions' or is there more?
  • Do we need to be using 'Atomic Design' or similar Design System approaches?

What does 'component utopia' look like, and what do we want to achieve by this time next year?

Presentation type: 30 minute discussion session