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2018 Washington conference submission

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The Universal Viewer for Penn State's New Cultural Heritage Repository

Adam Wead - The Pennsylvania State University (United States)

Abstract: Penn State University Libraries is embarking on a new project to replace its ContentDM instance with a new Samvera-based application. Locally developed, the new application will house large collections of digitized and born-digital content in a variety to different formats. A key component will be the universal viewer which will display the content of our collections using the IIIF framework. The viewer will need to work with images, multi-page PDF documents, as well as audio and moving image content. This presentation will cover how we are implementing IIIF and the universal viewer to serve these requirements. Details will include our implementation strategy with Samvera's Valkyrie and Rails' webpacker gems, the technical hurdles that we have overcome, and where the project currently stands.

Presentation type: 7 minute lightning talk to be given in a plenary session


  • IIIF and archival collections,
  • Audio/Video IIIF implementations,
  • IIIF content communities (museums, manuscripts, newspapers, archival content, etc.),
  • IIIF-compatible software and experimentation


  • universal viewer,
  • collections,
  • audio,
  • video,
  • documents,
  • samvera,
  • valkyrie,
  • rails