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2018 Washington conference submission

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Starting with IIIF at the Smithsonian Institution or Learning to use a swiss army knife when you need every tool at once

Adam Metallo - Smithsonian Institution, Digitization Program Office (United States), Andrew Gunther - Smithsonian Institution, Office of the Chief Information Officer (United States), Keith Wilson - Smithsonian Institution, Freer | Sackler (United States), David Newbury - The Getty (United States)

Abstract: IIIF adoption opens incredible possibilities for new experiences with digitized collections from the GLAM community. Those possibilities are only matched by the sometimes daunting decisions and tasks surrounding development strategy and deployment. Meanwhile the breadth of disciplines, collections and audiences at the Smithsonian Institution result in an array of incentives, visions and interlocking challenges. Our panel includes perspectives from end-users that drive requirements, the organizers who fuel interest and build community and the developers in charge of implementation.

Keith Wilson (Curator of Ancient Chinese Art, Freer|Sackler Galleries), Andrew Gunther (Title, Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer) and Adam Metallo (Sr. Program Officer, Smithsonian Digitization Program Office) will discuss our initial deployment of IIIF, existing challenges, near term plans and our evolving vision for the future of IIIF at the Smithsonian Institution.

Presentation type: 60 minute discussion


  • IIIF and archival collections,
  • IIIF enabled collaboration,
  • IIIF content communities (museums, manuscripts, newspapers, archival content, etc.),
  • Emerging use cases for IIIF technical specifications


  • Starting with IIIF,
  • Community building,
  • Systems integration