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2018 Washington conference submission

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Proposed IIIF Metadata Search Service

Sayeed Choudhury - Johns Hopkins University (United States), Mark Patton - Johns Hopkins University (United States), John Abrahams - Johns Hopkins University (United States)

Abstract: This presentation builds upon prior work described at the 2016 IIIF annual meeting, which described the the design and implementation of an alternate search API which supports nested boolean queries against all types of IIIF objects. This search API is being used in the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded Archaeology of Reading and the Roman de la Rose Digital Library (now part of the Digital Library of Medieval Manuscripts), two of the signature Johns Hopkins University digital humanities project.

Our recent work has resulted in support for faceted browsing combined with sophisticated search based on use cases identified by humanists. We have modified Mirador by developing widgets that leverage this search API and its functionality. We have applied this search API to a range of content spanning transcriptions of medieval manuscripts to annotations from early printed books.

This presentation will focus on a description of the API and its application to use cases as defined by Johns Hopkins University digital humanities projects. We wish to explore whether other institutions could use our API or have additional use cases that would expand or extend our work. Finally, we wish to discuss the possible implications to how IIIF manifests and collections are represented.

Presentation type: 7 minute lightning talk to be given in a plenary session


  • Discovery of IIIF resources,
  • Emerging use cases for IIIF technical specifications


  • Specifications,
  • Metadata,
  • Search,
  • Faceted browsing,
  • Digital humanities